​​​Advanced class  

​​Marker and Gun Maintenance.


PHASE 2 - $50


  • Certificate of Completion. 
  • ​Introduction into the ECE Army.

You Can buy all classes as a Bundle  for $75

Ride-Along is only for Phase 2 Participants.

PHASE 1 - $30

Our PHASE 2 Training program will be 4 hrs. long and we will be teaching things such as:

  • ​Field Test - Active engagement. Ride Along with Veteran Players.
  • ​Confidence course and target shoot

Our PHASE 1 Training program will be 1 hour long and we will be teaching things such as:


  • Basic Safety Awareness.
  • Paintball History and Physics.
  • Marker and Gun Handling.
  • Rules of Safe Game play.
  • Free Range Shoot 
  • ​Basic First Aid

We want to teach those players that don't know how to use their gun, how to use it with confidence. 

You have the choice of taking both PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 for $50

We care about your Safety, ON the field and OFF.

Justin Donahue