Currently the East Coast Rep for Modern Combat Sports has had a long and varied career in the the milsim industry. Beginning with paintball in the Early 90's, Dave played in the Professional Division of Germany's Liga Sud, before returning to the states and playing briefly with Team Brass Eagle. Due to time constraints with the US Army, Dave continued playing in various local tournaments and organized several tournaments for the military at the Battalion level. After continuing in paintball for a while, Dave opened and Successfully ran ARC Airsoft, which was one of Northern California's premier milsim facilities until it's closure in 2015. Dave came on board with MCS to write OP:End War 6 (he had previously created and developed the FIRST End War) and has taken over the East Coast Region for MCS. Dave is actively involved in all things MCS including paintball AND airsoft. His major goal is to bring all aspects of Milsim together regardless of manufacturers or platforms to develop a strong milsim community so that the players can have the maximum amount of choices for games.


Justin Donahue